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For Sale - Lady Lane, Bingley, BD16 - From £75,000

Property photo 1, Lady Lane, Bingley, BD16


Gramont House will be able to cater for 4 levels of care; residential, nursing, nursing with dementia & palliative. Dementia-specific interior design within the facility. Affluent location and will attract a high number of private fee paying individuals. Gramont House is currently undergoing a rolling refurbishment.


Through a unique structure, the developer is able to offer you a choice of 4 exit strategies for ultimate flexibility:

1. Buy back Year 10 115%

2. Buy back Year 15 120%

3. Buy back Year 20 125%

4. Buy back Year 25 125%

o At the end of your chosen term, an assured buy back can be initiated whereby the developer will purchase the unit back from you at the relevant buy back percentage. To give you opportunity to initiate a buy back, the developer will contact you 2 years in advance of each exit option, during which time, you will have six months to respond.

o You have the option to sell your unit on the open market at any given point.

o Should the developer initiate the freehold sale of the facility to an external operator at any point from your exchange process, you will receive the higher 125% Buy Back amount.

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